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Sonoran Professional Services is ready to help you with all of your CCTV needs. Advances in CCTV technology are turning video surveillance into one of the most valuable loss prevention, safety/security and management tools available for your home or business.

Monitor for shoplifters and dishonest employees, compile recorded evidence against bogus accident claims and merchandising displays
miles away. Monitor hazardous work areas, thwart theft and ensure the security of the premises and parking facilities. Protect your home or business with the finest solutions available.

CCTV can be as simple as a one camera set up for your home or business, or elaborate multi-camera systems that can be viewed over the internet from remote locations.
Security Applications

Observe and record theft or violence by overtly monitoring retail floor space, office buildings, building perimeters, warehouses, loading docks, and parking garages.  Monitor sensitive areas, where infrequent activities, occur (i.e. confidential records, safes, etc.).  Monitor point-of-sale exceptions (cash register voids, over-rings, etc.) to reduce cashier theft.  Observe and record shoplifting activities. Program a moving camera to pan, tilt, and zoom within a defined pattern.  Perform covert surveillance (where legally applicable).

Covert Installation can be performed after normal work hours to increase odds of  recording in house theft.
Safety Applications

Allow operators to see into areas where the environment is hazardous to life or health (i.e. hazardous materials, chemical toxins, etc.).  Monitor potential accident areas.  Monitor residence halls, common areas, or high-risk areas to ensure safety of an educational institution's students and faculty.  Help reduce the severity of some incidents by the timely dispatch of security, police, fire and emergency medical personnel.

Management Tool

Train employees, check stock on store shelves and monitor retail sales floor coverage, production lines, etc.  Demonstrate management's due diligence towards protecting employees, clients, and visitors, and perhaps avert or minimize litigation and negative publicity.  Document video images on magnetic tape or optical hard dicks to record events.  This information may be reviewed and later presented as evidence for prosecution of criminals, or as a training tool.

When integrated with access control, asset tracking, fire systems and other life safety and security measures, CCTV's "silent witness" provides and additional advantage:  the ability to see and review the impact of these systems on people and property.

We provide you the service you need for all brands of CCTV systems! 

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