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Sonoran Professional Services will help you chose the best intercom solution for your home or business. 

NURSE CALL/MEDICAL ALERT: Healthcare facilities have very special communications needs. We offer a wide array of healthcare communications products and systems that improve patient care and enhance staff productivity. Whether you work in a hospital, assisted living site, or other long-term care facility, we are the provider best able to satisfy your needs. 

Our specialty designed healthcare communication systems are well suited for a variety of acute-care settings, including intensive care units, medical/surgical floors and emergency departments.

Our service and maintenance are 24/7 around the clock and we cover every life and property protection system in your building including equipment installed by others.  This means we are here for you to call on with any and all of your day-to day service problems.


We provide any types of intercom systems ranging from in house communication to Telephone style entry systems for intercom and guest control with many access control capabilities.  These 

systems are typically used in apartment and office buildings, gated communities and for residential applications.

VIDEO INTERCOM: Video intercom adds additional security, allowing you to see the visitor. Both residential and commercial systems are available.

We provide you the service you need for all brands of Intercom & Nursecall systems! 

Available Systems:

Engineered Electronics
Tek tone
M&S Systems


  • Calls for help: You may initiate a call for help on a Personal emergency response system by pressing the HELP button on the console, or any of the remote buttons or pendants.
  • Periodic test reports: These are automatically sent to the central station at intervals to check the telephone line and equipment.
  • Inactivity Alerts: These messages are sent whenever you fail to prove activity within the certain time limits.